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1. Citation: Hasnain, R., Kondratowicz, D. M., Borokhovski, E., Nye, C., Balcazar, F., Portillo, N., Hanz, K., Johnson, T., & Gould, R. (2011). Do cultural competency interventions work? A systematic review on improving rehabilitation outcomes for ethnically and linguistically diverse individuals with disabilities. FOCUS Technical Brief, (31). Austin, TX: SEDL, National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research.
Keywords: disability, culture, competency, cultural competency, culturally diverse, medical model of disability, rehabilitation, social model of disability

This FOCUS describes a systematic review that was conducted to address a critically important research question about cultural competency by taking stock of the current literature and evidence. The review examined whether cultural competency interventions improve rehabilitation outcomes for ethnically and linguistically diverse individuals with disabilities, and if so, for whom and under what conditions.

The goal for our systematic review was to understand better the effects of rehabilitation interventions that are sensitive to and inclusive of the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of individuals with disabilities who are receiving rehabilitation or community-based services (e.g., at hospitals, at mental health and rehabilitation centers, or in community-based settings; Shin & Lukens, 2002). For this purpose, we selected intervention studies that focused on historically underserved and hard-to-reach populations of various cultures and languages, including individuals with minority, immigrant, and refugee backgrounds (e.g., Hinton et al., 2004).

 As a result of our review, we found evidence from several studies that support the construct that culture plays an important role in client-level rehabilitation outcomes. In this technical brief, we describe the process we followed to complete the systematic review and meta-analysis report. We also summarize our findings to date and offer several thoughts on the policy, practice, and research implications of these findings.

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FOCUS:Technical Brief No. 31

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University of Illinois - Chicago; Department of Disability and Human Development

H133A040007: Center for Strategic Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities Research; PI: Fabricio Balcazar, PhD

H133P060003: Advanced Training in Translational and Transformational Research to Improve Vocational Outcomes for Persons with Disabilities; PI: Gary Kielhofner, PhD

Record Updated:2017-02-24

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