Online Workshop: Session 3
Methods for synthesizing qualitative evidence

About the Workshop

Ruth Garside, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis at the Medical School, University of Exeter, continues the discussion of qualitative evidence review methodology. Her webinar concentrates on aggregative and interpretive methods for qualitative synthesis, and showcases examples for thematic analysis and meta-ethnography. Additional topics include presenting outcomes of qualitative reviews and translating such results to a wider audience.

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About the Presenter

Photo of Ruth Garside

Dr. Ruth Garside is a social science researcher specializing in systematic review and evidence synthesis. She has over 15 years' experience using quantitative and qualitative research methods to investigate a range of policy relevant health and social care questions. Her work has informed national policy customers including the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the Home Office. She is particularly interested in using a broad range of evidence to investigate complex public health issues and have a particular interest in methods of synthesis for qualitative research and, recently, in theory led methods of review. She is a convener for the Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group.

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