Qualitative Research Synthesis: KTDRR's Web-based Workshop Series

Research evidence in the field of Disability and Rehabilitation (D&R) research often includes studies that follow a variety of qualitative research paradigms. Such evidence is difficult to summarize using traditional systematic research review procedures. The goal of this series of online webinars is to introduce D&R researchers to the methodology of qualitative evidence reviews. Participants will be provided a state-of-the-art overview on current approaches and will learn to apply those to the literature base.

Session 1

Photo of Karin Hannes

Introduction to reviewing and synthesizing qualitative evidence
Presenter: Karin Hannes
Date: Feb. 18, 2015


Session 2

Photo of Michael A. Saini

Methods for a qualitative systematic review
Presenter: Michael A. Saini
Date: Mar. 04, 2015


Session 3

Photo of Ruth Garside

Methods for synthesizing qualitative evidence
Presenter: Ruth Garside
Date: Mar. 18, 2015


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