Online Workshop: Session 2
Methods for a qualitative systematic review

About the Workshop

Michael A. Saini, PhD, endowed Factor-Inwentash Chair of Law and Social Work at the University of Toronto, provides a more in-depth discussion on the methodology of a qualitative evidence review. In particular, he covers the process from posing an initial question suitable for a qualitative review to extracting and assessing qualitative information. The webinar finishes with an outline of major methodological, qualitative approaches to research synthesis.

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About the Presenter

Photo of Michael A. Saini

Michael A. Saini, PhD, is an associate professor at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto and holds the endowed Factor-Inwentash Chair of Law and Social Work. His professional interests include research, policy and practice with children and families involved with child welfare, family law and alternative dispute programs. He is actively involved in the Cochrane Collaboration (C1) and the Campbell Collaboration (C2) as an author of systematic reviews and a member of the C2 Process and Implementation Methods Group. He has over 50 publications, including books, book chapters, government reports, systematic reviews, qualitative reviews and peer-reviewed journal articles. He is the co-author, with Dr. Aron Shlonsky, of a book entitled Systematic Synthesis of Qualitative Research.

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