Michelle Zorrilla
The IMPACT Center

Michelle Zorrilla

Dr. Michelle Zorrilla serves as the Associate Director of Technology Translation at the NIDILRR IMPACT Center for Knowledge Translation of Technology Transfer. With a background encompassing a Master of Public Health (MPH), a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Genetics, and a Certificate in Health Systems, Leadership and Management (all from the University of Pittsburgh), Dr. Zorrilla brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her extensive experience spans genetics, public health, clinical research, health care systems, and sales, making her a dynamic figure in consulting, technology translation, and project coordination. Driven by a passion for facilitating the integration of research findings into practice, she orchestrates the development and execution of the IMPACT Center’s initiatives, skillfully managing content creation, project dynamics, and communication with grantees.

Dr. Zorrilla plays a pivotal role in the IMPACT Center’s mission to bridge the gap between research and practical implementation. Notably, she spearheads initiatives that feature insightful podcast discussions with experts, key opinion leaders, and those with lived experiences in ATTT while driving multilevel training programs to empower stakeholders through peer-to-peer learning. Connect with Dr. Michelle Zorrilla on LinkedIn to learn more about her remarkable journey and visionary endeavors, and visit the IMPACT Center’s website to learn more about what they can do to help take your assistive technology idea and turn it into an impactful solution.

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